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Good News for Atlanta Rental Property- Forbes: Atlanta Top Tech Town of the Future

System - Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Blog Image Atlanta Curbed ran a recent article about the Forbes nod to Atlanta being noted as a top tech mecca of tomorrow. Here is some of the article which is great news for Atlanta real estate values.

By now, most Atlantans have seen physical evidence of a blossoming tech culture from downtown’sFlatiron Cityand Ponce City Market to Buckhead’s Atlanta Tech Village-and most have probably heard rumors of local 22-year-olds pulling six figures.

Now, a Forbes contributor helps to verify what city boosters have long been saying: that Atlanta is among the country’s hottest tech boomtowns.

In a report this month titled, “5 US Cities Poised to Become Tomorrow’s Tech Meccas,” Atlanta earns the No. 3 position, just ahead of progressive West Coast darling Portland.

Atlanta isn’t just the only Southern city to be recognized-it’s the only place east of the Mississippi River, as New York has long been established as a tech titan.

The list, in order from the top: Salt Lake City (helped by huge recent investments by Amazon); Denver; Atlanta; Portland, and Seattle.

One observer, QASymphony CMO Jeff Perkins, told the magazine Atlanta’s vibrant startup and business community-combined with world-class factories of tech talent in Emory University and Georgia Tech-indicates the current tech boom is hardly a fluke.

If all goes as planned, under-construction developments such asCODA at Tech Squareand the Beltline-connecte 25 Ponce offices-expected to replace Murder Kroger with 1,550 jobs-should only bolster the city’s standing as an emerging tech powerhouse.

This is excellent news for your Atlanta rental property. The rents should continue to rise as good quality jobs are available in the Atlanta area.